B&B Flowers from Sanremo production and export

B&B Flowers from Sanremo production and export

Information and curiosity

From more than 50 years the floriculture B & amp; B is present in the Ligurian floriculture production, on the national market and foreign, and in the export of roses for Swiss, in National Markets and International .
The B & amp; B is a company present on the National and International market from far 1958 , in 2006 it was the first commercial company in Italy to be Eurep-Gap certified and then Global-Gap , of which it is also a member.

What we offer you

The over 50 specialized people, during the year they can produce more than a million bouquets per season, whose models are present in our catalog , where a customization based on budget and target needs.

The production has preferential purchasing channels on the local market of Sanremo , of the French Riviera , of Central and Southern Italy ; while the import is direct from the main production locations like Europe , Africa , America . Delivery is made within 18 hours of the order received if coming from Italy Switzerland or France.

We deliver directly roses and bouquets in vases with preconditioned water and cut flower food. </ strong >
For any information, within our site we offer consulting purchase for sampling and seasonal campaigns.

Training courses are held for personnel involved in the display and resale of flowers and ornamental plants !!